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Jan 1919 List of Pensioners, Randolph County, Alabama

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Jan 1919 List of Pensioners, Randolph County, Alabama

Posted: 6 Sep 2000 6:00AM GMT
Classification: Pension
Edited: 12 May 2002 1:50PM GMT



W. F. ALBRIGHT, Rock Mills.
Nancey E. AUSTIN, Wedowee.
Susan A. BELL, Newell.
A. J. BROWN, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
Daniel BUTLER, Newell, Rt. [?]
J. M. BOGGS, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
W. R. BUGG, Wadley, Rt. 4.
C. C. BENEFIELD, Tenant.
Clark BUTLER, Newell.
Nancy COFIELD, Newell.
T. D. CROUCH, Wehadkee.
Allen J. DRIVER, Roanoke.
Daniel FARR, Roanoke, Rt. 2.
N. D. HORNSBY, Roanoke, Rt. 4.
A. J. GREEN, Wehadkee.
John HOLLOWAY, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
Eliza HESTER, Lamar.
J. A. T. HENDON, Roanoke, Rt. 4.
Mary E. JOHNSON, Graham.
C. A. JOHNSON, Ashland.
A. Z. JOHNSON, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Jones KIRBY, Roanoke, Rt. 4.
S. J. KIDD, Malone, Rt. 2.
W. R. McGILL, Malone, Rt. 2.
Mary ABNER, Lineville, Rt. 5.
Sarah RAGEN, Newell.
Mrs. T. A. E. RADNEY, Roanoke.
Sarah E. RAY, Wedowee.
Roland ROBERTS, Roanoke.
C. D. REAVES, Roanoke, Rt. 2.
W. R. STONE, Malone, Rt. 2.
W. F. SCOTT, Wehadkee.
John SHELNUT, Wehadkee.
G. H. SHAW, Delta.
J. A. SWANN, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
Mrs. S. A. E. PATE, Wedowee.
James WHITLEY, Newell.
Rebecca WALDROP, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
Mrs. M. W. WATSON, Wedowee, Rt. 1.


J. B. C. AMBROSE, Roanoke.
Mrs. P. G. BAILEY, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
T. N. BROWNING, Malone, Rt. 1.
H. C. BOONE, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Mrs. N. E. BRUMBELOE, Roanoke, Rt. 4.
T. J. McCARLEY, Roanoke.
W. W. COFIELD, Roanoke.
J. B. CARLISLE, Roanoke.
W. J. CLARK, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
W. N. CLIFTON, Wedowee.
J. P. COLE, Wadley.
J. E. COFIELD, Newell.
J. F. COCHRELL, Lineville, Rt. [?].
W. H. COOK, Roanoke.
A. T. DAVIS, Abanda.
T. J. EDMONDSON, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
Chas. EICHELBERGER, Rock Mills.
Jesse FAUSETT, Roanoke.
James W. GARNER, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
E. L. GAUNTT, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
William GAMBLE, Roanoke, Rt. 2.
J. H. HOOD, Roanoke.
J. S. HEARD, Wehadkee.
R. HEAD, Rock Mills.
Geo. O. HILL, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
W. A. J. HUNTER, Malone, Rt. 1.
P. M. HOLLOWAY, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
Geo. G. HENDON, Roanoke.
J. P. HARMON, Roanoke.
F. M. HANDLEY, Wadley, Rt. 4.
Mrs. C. F. HALL, Roanoke, Rt. 4.
J. J. JONES, Malone, Rt. 2.
R. A. KIDD, Wadley, Rt. 2.
W. B. KNIGHT, Malone, Rt. 2.
J. W. KIRK, Wadley, Rt. 2.
J. R. LILES, Wadley, Rt. 2.
H. R. LOVELACE, Newell, Rt. 2.
D. W. LINCH, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
H. L. MITCHUM, Newell.
W. C. MORRISSON, Newell.
A. J. M. MOORE, Newell, Rt. [?].
G. H. MITCHELL, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
W. A. MULDREW, Wehadkee.
W. T. NOLES, Wehadkee.
W. A. NIX, Delta.
Mary F. OWENS, Roanoke.
C. R. POWER, Roanoke.
M. PRESCOTT, Wedowee.
R. N. PERRY, Wadley, Rt. [?].
Thos. J. PRESLEY, Wadley.
W. J. RAMSEY, Lamar.
R. B. F. ROBINSON, Wadley.
Mrs. I. A. SHARMAN, Rock Mills.
Geo. G. SMITH, Wadley.
Jno. J. SHADDIX, Newell.
J. L. SHIPP, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
J. A. SIMMS, Newell.
A. V. SEXTON, Abanda.
J. T. SHELNUTT, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
L. A. SHERARD, Graham.
M. R. TAYLOR, Roanoke.
Sarah C. TAYLOR, Roanoke.
J. L. B. TAYLOR, Roanoke.
C. C. TREADWELL, Wadley.
Mrs. A. A. TRAYLOR, Newell.
Mrs. J. M. TRAYLOR, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
T. F. USSERY, Roanoke.
Mary J. WOOD, Roanoke.
W. L. WARD, Roanoke.
Thos. WEATHERS, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
D. C. WHITE, Roanoke, Rt. 2.
C. G. WILDER, Roanoke, Rt. 2.
J. P. WORKMAN, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
J. A. WEATHERS, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
Judge WHALEY, Wedowee.
D. M. YATES, Wedowee, Rt. 1.


T. F. ANGLIN, Roanoke, Rt. 4.
Mrs. M. L. BOGGS, Wedowee.
Mrs. S. D. BOLT, Lamar.
Mrs. Kate ALLEN, Roanoke.
Mrs. John BOWEN, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Mrs. E. F. BOLT, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
Mary E. BREWER, Dickert.
Martha Victoria CULLINS, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Mrs. C. T. CARTER, Roanoke.
Mrs. R. M. OLDHAM, Roanoke.
M. E. BAILEY [no address given].
S. A. BLAIR, Delta, Rt. 2.
Mrs. G. W. BOYD, Roanoke, Rt. 2.
E. P. BOZEMAN, Roanoke, Rt. 4.
T. B. BREED, Roanoke.
Mrs. Thos. CHATHAM, Roanoke.
Mrs. S. J. CANTRELL, Wedowee.
Fannie CAMP, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
Mrs. L. V. CARMICHEL, Lineville, Rt. 5.
Mrs. M. A. CARLISLE, Roanoke.
Mrs. E. M. DUKE, Wadley.
Martha DANIEL, Lamar.
Mrs. E. B. ELDER, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
Mrs. M. J. ENTICHEN, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
N. H. FINCHER, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Mrs. F. E. FREELAND, Roanoke, Rt. 2.
Mrs. E. M. FISHER, Malone, Rt. 1.
Mrs. M. L. FINCHER, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Jane FOSTER, Rock Mills.
Mrs. A. O. FULLER, Wadley.
Mrs. Joe GATLIN, Wadley.
Mary E. HARRIS, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Martha A. HODGE, Wadley, Rt. [?].
Susan HANCOCK, Langdale.
Fannie HARRIS, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
Mary E. HODGE, Wadley, Rt. [?].
Mrs. T. HOLLIDAY, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
S. H. HUDDLESTON, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Mrs. M. O. HOLDER, Rock Mills.
Mrs. E. F. HEARD, Newell.
Mollie HEARN, Wadley.
T. D. HALPIN, Newell, Rt. [?].
Mrs. F. E. HARRIS, Wadley.
Mrs. N. A. E. KIDD, Malone, Rt. [?].
Mrs. S. A. E. LAMBERT, Cragford.
Susan McINTYRE, Graham.
Mary E. MOONY, Rock Mills.
Mrs. J. C. ELDER, Roanoke, Rt.[?].
N. M. MILLS, [no address given].
Nancy J. MOORE, Lamar.
Sarah McCULLERS, Lineville, Rt. [?].
Mrs. L. R. McDONALD, Delta.
Lizzie McKINNON, [no address given].
Mrs. M. C. McCONNELL, Delta.
Mrs. E. C. NOLEN, [Newell?].
Julia A. NEAL, Delta.
Mrs. O. S. OWEN, Roanoke.
Mrs. G. A. OTWELL, Roanoke.
Mrs. Arie OWEN, Wadley.
Mrs. S. E. POLLARD, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Mrs. M. J. PHILPOTT, Roanoke.
Mrs. C. P. PITTS, Graham.
Fannie POOL, Roanoke.
Mrs. R. F. PATE, Wedowee.
Mrs. Mattie RICE, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Mary A. RADNEY, Roanoke.
Mrs. M. A. ROLLINS, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Mrs. A. M. RAINEY, Roanoke.
Martha RIDDLE, [no address given].
Mrs. L. E. SIMPSON, Lamar.
Emma SAXON, Wedowee.
Mrs. Jane STEWART, Wadley, Rt. [?].
Mary A. SHARP, Roanoke.
Catherine SAXON, Lamar.
Virginia SMITH, Lamar.
Fannie SPEARS, [no address given].
Mrs. S. E. SAXON, Delta.
Nancy SEEGAR, Wehadkee.
Mrs. F. A. STILLWELL, Newell.
J. A. SMITH, Wedowee, Rt. 1.
Mrs. W. M. STEWART, [no address given].
Mrs. J. M. SCOTT, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Mary TITTLE, Roanoke.
Susan TOWNSEND, Wehadkee.
Caroline TRAYLOR, Newell.
Sallie THOMASON, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Mrs. S. E. VINSON, Roanoke.
Mrs. M. E. WILLIAMSON, Abanda.
Mrs. T. M. WILLIAMS, [no address given].
Sallie WALDROP, Lineville, Rt. 3.
Mrs. M. T. WHITE, Newell.
H. A. WILKERSON, Malone, Rt. 1.
Mrs. A. E. WALKER, Roanoke.
Mrs. G. A. WOOD, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Mrs. L. F. WHITE, [no address given].
Lucinda E. WILKINSON, Malone, Rt. [?].
S. H. YARBROUGH, Roanoke.
Lizzie YARBROUGH, Graham.
Mrs. E. T. ABBOTT, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
Mrs. Dill ADAMS, Wadley, Rt. 5.
Martha ADAMS, [no address given].
Mrs. M. A. ADAMS, Malone, Rt. [?].
Mrs. H. A. BROWN, [no address given].
Lena BIBLE, Newell, Rt. [?].
Harriett BALL, Wehadkee.
Matilda CLINE, Lamar, Rt. [?].
Zilla A. CULPEPPER, Wadley.
Mrs. S. E. CALHOUN, Lamar.
Mrs. A. E. DUNSON, Wadley.
Mrs. S. A. DIXON, Lamar.
Mrs. M. K. HARDY, Roanoke.
Nancy J. HARRY, Roanoke.
Dollia A. HIGGINS, Roanoke.
Martha HOLDER, Rock Mills.
Mrs. L. J. HENRY, Roanoke, Rt. 5.
Elizabeth JONES, Wehadkee.
Martha KERR, [no address given].
Mary LANE, Roanoke.
Mrs. G. A. MORROW, Lamar.
Mrs. S. A. MOSTELLO, Tenant.
Mrs. M. E. NIXON, Roanoke.
Mrs. O. E. McCLENDON, Lanett.
Mrs. L. T. J. McMURRAY, Roanoke.
Mrs. M. E. McMULLINS, Cragford.
Lucinda NORRED, Wedowee.
Mary NELSON, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
Mrs. N. M. POORE, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Mrs. S. R. PARKER, Wedowee.
Nancy PARKER, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
Mrs. M. J. ROBERTSON, [no address given].
Mrs. M. E. ROBERTS, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Samantha RICHARDSON, Roanoke, Rt. [?].
Martha A. SMITH, Lamar.
Nancy C. SMITH, Lamar, Rt. [?].
Mrs. J. E. TARVER, Wadley, Rt. [?].
Mrs. H. A. WADE, Wedowee, Rt. 2.
Emily WILKERSON, Malone.
Mrs. M. J. WILKERSON, Malone.
Mrs. E. C. WILLIAMS, Lamar, Rt. [?].
Mrs. M. C. VOWELL, Wedowee, Rt. [?].
Mrs. S. M. YOUNG, Wedowee, Rt. [?].

The State of Alabama, Randolph County.

I, John T. HEFLIN, Judge of Probate, of said county in said state, hereby certify that the above and
foregoing list of names constitutes the pension roll of Randolph county, Alabama.

This, 15th day of January, 1919.

Judge of Probate

[From The Roanoke Leader (Randolph County, Alabama), 22 Jan 1919, p.3]

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