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Where does the Frenza family name come from?

Where does the Frenza family name come from?

Leo Frenza (View posts)
Posted: 22 Jan 2001 9:25PM GMT
Can anybody shed some light on how our Fmily name came to be? I have many theories but nothing concrete. Any suggestions or facts are certainly welcome!

A long lost cousin,

Leo Frenza (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Re: Where does the Frenza family name come from?

gerardo Frenza (View posts)
Posted: 7 Sep 2003 2:20AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Frenza
I have never found the roots of the name but there are many variations...
I have traced my family to Molise, cities of Cascalena and Ripabottoni... but not positive there either.
My father's family is from Montreal...

Get in touch...


Re: Where does the Frenza family name come from?

Angelo Frenza (View posts)
Posted: 6 Oct 2003 1:44PM GMT
Classification: Query
Hi people!!

My parents are from Ripabottoni, Campobasso. I have found that our name... the FRENZA name , is actually from German decent.We come from RHINELAND ... which is Germany.
There were many variations of our name.

id love to talk about it with those who are interested.

lets talk..


Re: Where does the Frenza family name come from?

Patricia Frenza (View posts)
Posted: 30 Nov 2003 3:05AM GMT
Classification: Query
Well, well well....I have chills running down my spine. My father's name is Angelo Frenza and he too is from Ripabottini (sp?). He will get a kick outta this for sure.
I am interested to know if there is any relation.
Where are you in US? We are in Canada (Toronto).

Feel free to contact us.

I have to say that this is very coincidental - I also noticed that you posted on October 6 - that is my parents wedding anniversary.

Take care.

A fellow Frenza,

Re: Where does the Frenza family name come from?

Posted: 27 Jan 2008 6:25AM GMT
Classification: Query
My father is Adolfo frenza and family was from casacalena and Ripabottoni

I am originally from Monttreal and all my family still lives there

Re: Where does the Frenza family name come from?

Posted: 7 Oct 2008 3:11AM GMT
Classification: Query
The theory in my family is it is the result of Americanizing of the last name Fiorenza. I have relatives that had this name back in Italy,and evidence of many people with this name comming into the US. It seems, like so many names the "io" was dropped when they immigrated, to make it easier to spell and say. (my husband- Genetempo is now Gentempo) Fiorenza is the original spelling of the city of Florence (Firenze- current Italian spelling). It wasn't until the time of Dante that the Italian language was written down, and it took a while for spellings to settle in. The last name means a patriarch in my family was from Florence, since many last names were the town the person was from. This is based on my research of my family, the history of Florence, and the Italian language. This is just a theory, so take from it what you may.

Re: Where does the Frenza family name come from?

Posted: 24 Apr 2010 1:29AM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Frenza
The story I have heard, was that the original spelling is actually "Fiorenza", but there was some kind of disagrement with the family, so the side that had the fit, changed there name to "Frenza". I can so see Italians arguing over something so little and deciding to change there name and walk away. Sad, but probably true.
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